Something Special

WE are ea ceramics. YOU are the style. Give your imagination space and free your creativity. Take inspiration from our special collections of the finest Spanish and Italian porcelain designs. Every space reflects the identity of those who create, love and live it. YOU bring your dreams, WE help make them reality.

Made in Italy
Imola Ceramica & La Faenza

Imola Ceramica and La Faenza were founded in June 1874, originally as part of a cooperative between multiple tile producers in the Italian town of Imola. Today, the group has grown to become one of Italy’s largest tile producers; garnering a reputation for exceptional style and quality.

They are without doubt one of the best tile brands on the market, and with new collections being introduced each year are constantly on top of the latest trends. Moreover, they use leading technology such as full-bodied porcelain which have porosity of just 0.05% keeping them safe from stains, and ensuring excellent durability.

EA Ceramics with over 30 years of association are proud to be a little part of that history.

Ceramica Rondine

Founded in Italy in 1961, Ceramica Rondine produce and supply high quality ceramic and porcelain tiles throughout the world.

They manage to harness the elegance of marble, charm of stone, and the natural colours and textures of wood into their designs.

They constantly strive to provide excellent design, quality and innovation to their ranges.

Cumulating to adding that stunning finishing unique touch for every room in the house.

Made in Spain

Founded in 1940, Azulev, in its desire to innovate, always seeks to satisfy the demand for products with high levels of technical & aesthetic quality. The designs in the range allow the creation of all types of rooms with personality and individual style.

Known for giving personalised and careful attention to their customers, Azulev have established a constant improvement in their production processes focused fundamentally on protecting the environment. It is not therefore by chance that they are one of the few companies in the sector to have been granted the DAP “Environmental Product Declaration”.

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