Aqua Stop Decoupling Matt


  • It waterproofs any surface, old or new, damp or dry, cracked or subject to dimensional variations
  • It compensates for hygrometric shrinkage and thermal deformation stress
  • It reduces on‑site working times: waterproofing and laying of the coating without waiting, withstands foot traffic immediately
Aqua Stop Decoupling Matt

Anti‑cracking waterproof membrane with high adhesion for balconies, terraces and horizontal surfaces before the laying of ceramic tiles, natural stone and hardwood floors; it creates a waterproof surface even when overlaid on cracked supports, supports that have not been perfectly cured or supports that might contain vapour pressure due to residual substrate moisture content.

Aquastop Green revolutionises the world of underlying waterproofing, re‑writing performance standards to allow applications that are impossible for mineral products.

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